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This page is about me, Lois Thompson Bartholomew. That is a long name so kids often call me Mrs. B. When I married I added Bartholomew to the rest of my name and right away I found out that there were two other people named Lois Bartholomew living right there in the same town. Later another one was added, my daughter Lois. But after she married she took her husband's last name, so that isn't a problem any more. 

Still, when I started to write and get my writing published, I wanted my name to be different. I also loved the family I was born into. So my byline, my writing name,  became Lois Thompson Bartholomew. 

My Family Today

Photo of a large family under an archPhoto by Daniel Bartholomew

Here is a photo of my family taken a few years ago. Since we took this picture, a few more grandchildren have joined our family. I love each one. And sometimes I use their names for my characters, or even places, in my books.

It makes me happy when they talk to me about the books they are reading and the fun things they are learning. I especially like it when the book or article they are reading is by Lois Thompson Bartholomew

Our Birthday Tradition

Smiling teenage boy holding a birthday card and a two-dollar bill.Photo by Ruth Robertson copyright 2020. Used by permission

You can see that we have a big family. Several years ago I decided to simplify my life. Our grandchildren always know what I am going to give them for their birthdays.

I write each grandchild a handwritten note on a birthday card and enclose a $2 bill. It's never a surprise, but everyone gets the same thing.

When they write me a "thank you" note in return, that note gets pasted into my journal. Writing a note in card makes it personal. It may be some of the most important writing you will do. I am always a bit disappointed when I receive a card with just a signature inside, or a printed name. I appreciate the fact that the person cared enough to send a card, but I cherish personal notes. 

Hand-writing a short letter to someone can be the most important writing you will ever do. It forges a personal connection unlike any other. If you want to make others happy, write them today. 

Climb That Mountain

Mountain at sunsetPhoto by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

I was born and raised in Central Utah and love the mountains. For many years I participated in the annual hike up to the top of Mount Timpanogos, which at 11,750 feet, is the second highest mountain in the state.

When I grew up I found that becoming a published writer is somewhat like climbing a mountain. To get to the top you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you finally reach the summit. You should enjoy the waterfalls, wildflowers and the lakes you find on the way, but if you stop there and forget your goal, you’ll never see the magnificent view that can only be seen from the very top of the mountain.

I love to teach and talk about writing, about goal setting and about reading, to both children and their parents. And I still love to climb mountains.

I Love to Read

Photo of some favorite books.

Reading has always been my favorite hobby. I love to read and explore new worlds, imaginary and real.

Now, many of the books I read are those written by my friends who are writers. It was a dream come true when I walked into a bookstore and later into a school library and found the book I wrote sitting on the shelf. 

This is a photo of some of the books written by my friends. 

...by Lois Thompson Bartholomew

Some of my books and other publications.

For seven years I wrote a weekly newspaper column. While working as a full-time mom of ten children, I managed to also write many articles for newspapers and for both adult and children’s magazines. My first novel, The White Dove was published in 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Any success I have, I owe to the support and encouragement of my parents, my husband, and my wonderful children as well as some outstanding teachers.

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